Sep 18, 2017

Thoughts on Inda

I've been negligent in writing up my thoughts after finishing books. Part of it is due to not having read that many books... I got hung up about halfway through The Hero with a Thousand Faces and then began Techstars back in July. A couple of weeks back I finally gave up on Campbell and used the excused of travel and a need to unwind to start a new fantasy series. Thanks to the travel and a hunger for fantasy I hadn't fully appreciated, I tore through the four books in just a couple of weeks.

The Inda series was a nice dip back into fantasy literature. Not the best I've ever read, but definitely a top 25 series. The first book got off to a slow start and for most of it I didn't think I was going to continue past the first book. But the ending of that book was solid and Smith's writing progressively improved throughout the rest of the series. A bit strange given I understand she was an experienced author, but I was thrilled to see the progress.

Inda was neat in a number of ways. It started off in an academy setting and then evolved into maritime. I wasn't expecting the transition at all but it set a good scene (or collection thereof) for the rest of the series. It had a unique perspective to offer on mental disability, sexuality, the evolution of language/culture, and a number of other really interesting themes. It was probably one of the most enriching fantasy series I've read.

One of the great things about diving head first back into fantasy was a reminder of its restorative properties. Getting lost in a book feels so much less purposeless than watching TV or playing games often does. I constantly struggle with a feeling of listlessness from my time destressing; reading is a great alternative that avoids some of that.