Nov 19, 2016

Thoughts on American Gods

I'm well past due to read some more enriching non-fiction, but I was looking for an escape post-election and picked up American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Interesting premise... set in modern day America, but there are (hopefully this doesn't come as a spoiler) gods. The mythical pantheons of the world's religions are incarnated in human-like individuals existing among the population. Kind of a Dresden Files meets Lord of Light, except the powers of the gods are much more subtle.

The writing style and setting aren't my favorite and I don't think I'll continue with the series, but it was certainly an interesting read. There's something deep within all of us that yearns for a higher power. For some real (if not physical) manifestation of our hopes and superstitions. The theme of making supernatural beings real through faith and prayer is well-explored (Santa, gods, etc.), but there aren't that many books that set up an entire world on the premise.

That's it. Not a whole lot of other thoughts from the book. Entertaining. Kind of interesting. Ultimately not worth dwelling on.