I'm a venture capitalist, based in Chicago at Pritzker Group Venture Capital. I'm at the beginning of my professional journey through the venture finance world, a path that I already know will wind through the rest of my career.
As a venture capitalist, I'm committed to the success of the entrepreneurs that I cross paths with. I'm passionate about the potential for technological innovation to make the world a better place and want to do everything I can to empower those that strive to bring that technological innovation to society. While my mandate as a venture capitalist is ultimately to make money on startup investments, at my core I believe that the best way to make that money is by helping startup founders.
My perspective is shaped by my past: I'm a life-long entrepreneur. I first started making money online at the age of thirteen doing freelance website development and copy writing. More recently, prior to joining Pritzker Group, I founded and ran my own startup in Atlanta. The company, MVP Innovation, developed an enterprise software suite in the retail industry niche of visual merchandising. Though we ultimately wound the company down, that was the most educational period of my life: teaching me more about business, leadership, technology, and people than all of my previous years of schooling and work in consulting combined. My time as a founder also taught me about the lonely and emotionally wrought world of the entrepreneur, lessons that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.
Prior to my foray into the startup world, I worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Co., one of the top management consultancies in the world. I'm incredibly grateful for the foundational experience I gained in consulting; no other paths out of undergrad could have compared. My years at McKinsey carried me across three continents to over a dozen clients in as many different industries. Although I was on track to become the youngest partner in the firm's history, I struggled with a lack of passion for the work. While I'll always be grateful for the experience I gained at McKinsey, making the jump to the startup world was one of the best decisions of my life.
I strive to live a rich life filled with a diverse array of experiences. I conducted a summer of manufacturing research in Puerto Rico. In undergrad, I wrote an operations research academic paper that won a technical paper competition for the Southeast. I've worked for a Fortune 500. I read at least 30 books every year and have written a fantasy novel of my own. I've been on the front page of reddit. I was once one of the top five players in the world in an online computer game. Every day, I make an effort to do something new and broaden my experience.
I'm also passionate about physical fitness. I've been playing competitive racquetball for 12 years and have been sponsored to play at the semi-professional level. I ran a marathon in college. At different periods, I've been into powerlifting, rock climbing, archery, basketball, football, and baseball.
At home, I spend just about all of my free time with my high school sweatheart, who I married this past summer, and our cat and dog.
Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to talk. I'm always happy to share my perspective on trying to break into management consulting or venture capital. I'm even more happy to offer help to entrepreneurs.